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Top 5 Cricket Bats for Senior Players

Undoubtedly, to become a good cricket one needs natural talent and hours of practice in the field. The more you work on improving your technique and put in hard work, the better cricket you become.
But, apart from the talent and practice, the equipment you use also impact your performance on the field. Thus, one needs to buy the best bat that compliments his/her playing style and enable them to deliver their best on the field.
Here are the top 5 cricket bats for senior players that they can use to enhance their performance.

BDM Senior Cricket Bats

Made from finest English Willow, the BDM cricket bats are among the best bats available for cricketers. BDM bats are popular among the cricketers in many countries, and these bats are often appreciated for their outstanding manufacturing. By following strict International Quality Standards, and years of research, the BDM manufactures the most extraordinary bats that can certainly enhance one’s game. These bats ideally complement both, right and left handed players’ styles, and help them perform better.

New Balance Senior Cricket Bats

With a wide range of designs and styles, the New Balance offers an extensive collection of cricket bats designed with sheer perfection. The bats manufactured by the New Balance are among the best bats in the world, as they ensure that each bat goes through a series of rigorous quality checks, and only the flawless ones are released for sale. The bats are impeccable and their quality is appreciated by many international cricketers.

Gray Nicolls Senior Cricket Bats

Gray Nicolls combines the tradition with innovation, to deliver an incredible series of bats. With the use of the finest English Willow (which they grow on their own) and high end manufacturing techniques, the Gray Nicolls design the perfect bats using which you would be able to play all type shots around the ground just like the international cricketers. These bats help a batsman to increase his/her strength and play the shots with greater ease.
All the bats from the Gray Nicoll are crafted with perfection and not even a single piece is left out from undergoing multiple quality checks.

BAS Senior Cricket Bats

Made from superior quality English Willow, the BAS cricket bats boast an array of contemporary features including mild swells, huge edges and sweet spots to support different shots.
A pioneer since its inception, BAS (Beat All Sports) manufactures the best handcrafted bats in the world. All the bats are manufactured under the supervision of the experts, and they ensure that the bat does not any flaw. The BAS bats are preferred by many national and international cricket players.

Gunn & Moore (GM) Senior Cricket Bats

The Gunn & Moore cricket bats are among the most reputed and well appreciated bats for their outstanding finish, and world-class manufacturing. Each GM bat is manufactured with great precision, and by using the best materials to deliver an unmatched performance.
Apart from these, there are few other bats, which offer amazing performance, and the budding cricketers can select a bat that ideally suits their playing style.


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