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How to improve batting timing in cricket?

Rather than the brute force, the success in batting majorly depends on the timing. Contrary to what most people believe in, the timing is not a mystery or a skill possessed only naturally by some players, instead, it is one the acquired skills that can be sharpened with practice.

We all know that timing is the key to success when it comes to cricket, but, most of us wonder that how it can be improved and what tricks should one use to better his timing on the cricket field. Here are some tips that will help you improve your timing as a batsman.

Use the Right Bat

While you will come across many people who would say that a good batsman possesses the right skills and can deliver outstanding performance with any cricket bat, but, it’s not true. To ensure that you get the optimum results from the batting technique that you are using, your bat must complement your style. There are many good bats available in the market, but, you can choose one of the SS master 5000 cricket bats to play better. These are developed by experts and each bat is handmade to ensure that it delivers the right performance.

Stay Relaxed Between The Balls

Maintaining a relaxed body language and positive energy with a focused mind will greatly help you improve your timing. Take deep breaths between the balls, and release the tension in your shoulders before facing the next ball. You need not to concentrate when you are not on strike or between the balls, because no one can concentrate straight for hours, but stay focused towards your goal.

Develop The Right Technique

The use of right technique is very important for improving the timing. A correct technique is based on both, personal style and physics. Once you figure out that works best for you, you can easily improve your timing. For instance, leaning during the shot makes the ground push back with force while generating the force through your body, which then gets transferred to the bat, and then finally to the ball.  Your cricket bats ultimately show the force which they have gained from the ground due to your posture.

Also, rotating your shoulders horizontally for cross bat and vertically for straight bat with extended arms creates more force and a longer lever.

Learn To Relax

Whether you call it concentration, relaxation, or confidence, your mental state directly affects your timing on the ground. Many cricket experts and coaches accentuate on the fact that the harder you try, the less you time your ball.

So, if you want to improve your timing with one of your SS master 5000 cricket bats or any other bat, it’s vital that you learn the art of relaxing on the pitch without losing your focus.

Apart from this, one of the best ways to improve your timing is to develop a rapid ability to detect the length and line of the ball. So, with these tricks, you can have a achieve great timing with your cricket bats.


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