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How To Improve Batting Against Fast Bowlers?

So, the next session of your cricket tournament is just round the corner, and it seems that the opponent teams have a lot of fast bowlers and you are still not sure that how would you face them.

Well, you need not to worry as here are some tips that will help you improve your batting against the fast bowlers, and score high runs.

Keep Your Eyes On The Bowler

By keeping a close eye on both the ball and the bowler will always give you a hint of what’s coming up next, and thus, you will get some time to think about how you can face the ball. Assess the bowler’s body language for vital clues, and always keep your eyes levelled with his hand as he starts his bowling run.

If the bowler is holding the ball in the tips of his fingers, then it is a clue that he might throw a slower delivery. A steady line of sight during your play will help you increase your reaction time when the clues are indicating that bowler is preparing for a fast delivery.

Batting Position

Whether you are using an SS mammoth cricket bat or one of the SS master 9000 cricket bats, how you raise it while preparing for the delivery can be quite instrumental in beating a fast bowler and exhibiting an outstanding game play. A low back lift augments the time which you have for gauging the ball that’s coming your way.  The higher you bat, the more time would be required for connecting with the ball and this, sometimes let the ball get past you and move towards your wicket.

On the flip side, a straight bat with the face of the bat set up towards the batsman significantly reduces the area where the ball can get by you. One of the standard remedies against the fast bowlers is the backfoot defense if you keep your feet planted firmly on the ground and use a straight bat.

Choose Your Bat Wisely

To face a fast bowler, it’s important that you are well equipped and thus, you must choose your bat wisely. You can pick up an SS mammoth cricket bat or one of the SS master 9000 cricket bats. These bats allow the cricketers to play all sort of shots with ease and face any type of bowler.

Patience Is the Key

A fast delivery does not imply that as a batsman you react too soon. Don’t react instantly, take your time and follow the ball attentively with your eyes as it comes near you before hitting it. A fast delivery, sometimes gives less than a second to think, and by being patient, you can take better decisions.

With all these tips and tricks, you can improve your game and face the fast bowlers with great ease. Always remember that an on-drive shot can be quite effective against a fast bowler, but only if they err and over-pitch. So, it’s vital that you take the decisions calmly and don’t become too impatient to play that you don’t even strategize your game.

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