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5 Ss Master 9000 Cricket Bat Secrets You Never Knew

The Ss Master 9000 Cricket Bat is one of the top line cricket bats made from the best English Willow. Being one of the best cricket bats, it is preferred by many national and international cricketers. Its unqiue designs and perfection oriented manufacturing makes it a bat that many budding cricketers dream of using.

This bat is equipped with many contemporary features and the designs is completely flawless, and thus, one has to pay a higher Ss Master 9000 Cricket bat price when compared with other bats manufactured by other bransds

Some of the facts that make it unique include:

Use of Hand Selected English Willow

The wood used for manufacturing the bad is highly significant as the quality of bat completely depends on it. The Ss Master 9000 Cricket Bat is made from the hand selected Grade 1 English Willow, which is naturally air dried after cutting to ensure that the wood retains its strength. This also helps in enhancing the durability of the bat, and make it perfect for playing every type of shot on the ground. The bat is handcrafted with the wood that is nurtured in the UK in the perfect environment.

Unique Spine Profile

The Ss Master 9000 bat carries a unique spine profile along with a massive scallop that gives player a perfect lift and balance. It gives the bat a very light yet well balanced pick up, and thus, attacking stokes can easily be played with this bat.

Ideally Designed Sweet Spot

The sweet spot is designed in the mid to low region,  and thus, the players who want to play the attacking shots get better bat handling. The bat is designed in an inimitable manner to ensure that the bat handling is not difficult for the player, and they feel tightly gripped while playing. The bat has a powerful and aggressive shape for the big hitting.

Inimitable Design

The bat has an inimitable design, and the lower end of the bat is slightly squared. This enhances he hitting surface area while lowering the centre of gravity. This equips the bat with another benefit, that is, faster bat speed with aggressive hitting. The edge thickness of the bat varies between 40 – 42 mm.

Round Sarawak Cane Handle

The bat is also festooned with a well-designed round handle made from imported Sarawak cane, which delivers an impeccable combination of flexibility, control and power.

Apart from these, there are many other features possessed by the bat, which make it one of the best things you can use to enhance your on-field performance. This handcrafted bat is a work of sheer perfection, and its quality focused manufacturing indicates that how much effort goes into manufacturing this amazing bat.

If you want to purchase the bat online, you can check the Ss Master 9000 Cricket bat price online and can place an order to get it delivered right at your doorsteps. With just a few clicks, you can get a Ss Master 9000 cricket bat.

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