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5 advantages of SS Master 5000 Cricket Bat

The legends of cricket regard Cricket as a technical sport with technical products and well indeed we cannot argue to differ from the claim. The fact was further more established with the “Ss Master 500” Cricket bat, the MASTER CLASS series manufactured especially for Srilankan legend Kumar Sangakkara and has been used by the ‘God’, Sachin Tendulkar himself. The bat is hand crafted from premium English Willow for a fleshed out performance apt for all classes of the sport. Along with the classy look it will make sure the sound of leather on the willow echoes around the green spaces across the stadium. Here are 5 Advantages of Ss Master 5000 that makes it stick out a mile:

  1. Brisk peak performance without compromising durability 


Deriving out the ace performance levels of the bat depends on the quality of willow used which is determined by number of grains. Made with Grade 1 English Willow, Ss Master 5000 constitutes straight grains from 6 to 9. Perfect blend of power and durability, the bat makes itself to be a choice of Amateurs as well as the Pros. While higher number of grains ensures quicker achievement of desired performance levels they hinder its durability. Lower number of grains, on the other hand, might make you wait for seasons to be able to bat. No doubt the bat carves a smile on the elite class by “opening-up” quickly as well as lasting for the dabblers.

  1. Featherweight Pickup and phenomenal Handling


One key that changes the entire game is the Weight and Pickup of the bat. A cricket bat making you feel a lot heavier might take you out on a duck, regardless of its stunning looks and 15+ grains. The ‘engineers’ of the bat have made it with 2lb 08oz – 3lb 0oz (1180gm-1250gm) of weight complying with the trend of having very big bats that don’t feel anywhere near as the weight as they should. The bat makers have earned their salt as it is the area where it can go all wrong, accordingly the weight has been set with utmost precision. Exceptional job has also been done in the making of Handle of the bat. The rounded handle has been made with 12 piece imported Sarawak Cane. Providing it with an excellent grip and handling, it excels in terms of controlled power. The handle has been designed for Shock absorption and providing greater flexibility.

  1. Enlarged Sweet Spot with thicker middle


The Sweet Spot is the position in the blade where the power and performance of the bat is maximized. By giving it a slightly square shape, the hitting surface of the bat has been increased subsequently increasing the Sweet Spot area. The bat is imposing for extreme power and performance. The Ss Master 5000 has been engineered to augment the Sweet Spot from lower to middle portion of the blade, allowing the middle of the bat to be spread further across the blade meaning that off centre strikes perform better.

  1. Massive Edges


The Edge profile is another fundamental aspect in determining the power it shall achieve for the purpose of conforming the anticipated performance standards. The edges of the bat are big enough ranging from 37mm to 42 mm subject to the weight of the bat and have been embossed with TON sign. The Massive ‘Big Edge’ profile of the bat increases from the shoulders and maximizes at the sweet spot, generating supreme balance with an extended sweet spot that covers the entire width of the blade.

  1. Justified Cost amidst immense popularity and preferability 


The bat continues to be the choice of most also because of the ‘Spine Profile’, which has been further elevated in unison with thicker edges to give the bat, unrivaled amounts of power and precision. Albeit the cost seems to be high, set at INR 10,000 (differable) it has been justified by its exceptional characteristics and the expert skills of the craftsmen.

Created by Sareen Sports Industries, Ss Master 5000 continues to be the Marvels of the bat makers setting the benchmark to a whole new level. Endorsed by big profile cricketers, the bat suits the requirements of the intermediate as well as professional players. Talent maybe the sole determinant of the probability for hitting the ‘last ball sixes’, Ss Master 5000 moves you a step closer to the goal.


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